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Who are we:

We are a group of players looking to have a good time playing competitively while maintaining a Non mandatory, Non-toxic, chill environment. If you are looking for these qualities in a guild, join us today!


  • 1 million total fame
  • Be active, in game and discord - You join a guild to interact with others. Discord makes communicating easier while we battle together.
  • Participate in guild events - All content is covered, PvP, PvE, Economy, Crafting/Gathering.

What we offer:

  • English speaking NA/EU/OCE guild - Yes, we cover all times.
  • Content daily - activities of all types - multiple weekly events hosted by our content officers.
  • Chill, mature discord - We have a great time together and respect each other, disrespect or toxicity is quickly remedied.
  • Alliance activities - We partner to provide the ZvZ content you want! And, we provide regearing for your effort.
  • Hideouts - Safety in the Black zones and in the Mists of Avalon
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What we offer:

T8 ZvZ Re-Gear System

Stable t8 regearing system !

No Mandatory Content

No Mandatory ZvZ but we encourage participation with increased incentives

Non Toxic Gaming Community

No-Toxic Gamming Community with a friendly and active player base!

Steady and Veteran Leadership

Veteran and stable Leadership

Check our videos on the youtube channel!

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